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Welcome to REMEC Broadband Wireless

We are a unique supplier of integrated microwave and millimeter wave subsystem solutions for the telecommunications market. We design and manufacture products that operate throughout the radio spectrum, from RF to microwave and millimeter wave frequencies, specializing in complex, high performance point-to-point radio modules and Outdoor Units (ODUs). Our Products and Services generally fall within three categories:


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The REMEC Broadband Wireless ODU is the only commercially successful "off-the-shelf" ODU product on the market today. For companies that need a quick ODU solution or that design and manufacture ODUs as part of a radio product solution today, REMEC Broadband Wireless can literally save millions in Product, R&D, and Manufacturing costs.

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Design Services

REMEC Broadband Wireless' US based microwave design staff offers the resources of an experienced microwave team who's broad experience base stretches from fundamental components such as filters and mixers through high performance modules such as millimeterwave transmitters, LNAs, and frequency sources to very complex integrated point-to-point and point-to-multipoint Outdoor Units (ODUs) and high power VSAT transceivers.

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We offer customized transceiver products that leverage the volumes we achieve in the ODU business to offer excellent value to those customers preferring to outsource at the module level. We can also customize transceiver products for applications such as satellite communications, FWA, Wi-Max, defense, and security sensors.

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